Headshot of Kasia Flood, the marketer behind True North Digital

Hi there,

I'm Kasia Flood.

I'm a digital marketer, designer and storyteller serving global marketing insight from Ottawa, Canada. For over a decade, I’ve been scaling marketing functions, building brands and launching new products within the tech sector. I currently head the marketing team over at Trading Central where we're supporting investment decisions with innovative analytics.

Having recently completed my MBA in the evenings, I'm a geek when it comes to business strategy, and will chat endlessly about new ideas until the coffee turns cold. I'm a firm believer in the beginner's mindset and thrive when surrounded by other passionate people.


Trading Central
Marketing Director (& earlier roles)
June 2016 - Present
Canadian Centre for Women's Empowerment
Marketing Consultant (volunteer)
January 2024 - Present
AGAT Laboratories
Digital Marketing & Design Associate
September 2014 - February 2016
Stone Source
Marketing & Graphic Design Coordinator
June 2013 - August 2014


University of Aberdeen
Global MBA
Masters Degree, 2023
Algonquin College
UX & Mobile Design
Certificate, 2021
Algonquin College
Digital Analytics
Certificate, 2019
Athabasca University
Digital Analytics
Degree, 2018

Skills & Expertise

Business Strategy

Brand Identity

Web Design

Campaign Planning

Marketing Automation

TC Market Buzz

Breaking consumer expectations
within the financial sector.

Innovation Lab

A bold face for a disruptive
new fintech think tank.

While I love what I do, I'm more than my job.

In 2019, I married my childhood next-door-neighbour and today, we proudly parent two kiddos and giant golden retriever.

I've been an avid writer and artist since childhood. Outside of work, you'd be hard-pressed to find me not doing one, even if its just doodling on a spare page or jotting down story ideas.Recently, I’ve been funnelling  hobbies into a children’s book series that celebrates imagination

Passion Projects

I absolutely love art, photography and writing, and these passions are weaved throughout everything I do, work included.

Let's talk about elevating your brand and driving new opportunities for your business.

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